TILORI is a small forgotten village in the Cordillera Central mountainous region of Haiti, 7 km from the border with the Dominican Republic.  As you cross the border you arrive in another world, a small piece of Africa in the Caribbean.  The first thing that you notice is the poverty of these forgotten people. Yes, this is what you can call them because few people know of their existence. It is quite a culture shock when you arrive there.

There are approximately 300 families and 1500 children in the village and surrounding hills. In fact, nobody knows exactly how many people there are living in this area and most of these people survive on just one meal a day.  There are three schools in Tilori, a state school and two schools run by the church and, since last year, there is also a small state hospital.

About four years ago, the tour guides set up a small day orphan house for the children. The intention was to take these orphaned children of the street.  These children can now come for some education and recreation and also receive one free meal a day. The project is sponsored with gifts and the sale of t-shirts.  It is also possible for these children to attend school for one year for a payment, which is at present 800 pesos per year.

I am a guide taking tourists from the Dominican Republic to Tilori and the tourists are always telling me that they find the situation there quite incredible. They say that if they had only known the situation before, they would have brought more with them to help.

I will still continue my concern for that part Haiti, but my intention is, with this Internet website, to bring the problems to the attention of those people who want help improve the lives of these Haitians.  You can get in touch with me by e-mail.