Good morning George,
I left some things with the young man at Mel’s Tours yesterday.  He mentioned he also lived in puerto Plata and said he would make sure you got them to take to the orphanage.  I sent a basketball, 2 skipping ropes, some loose leaf paper, bubbles, a bat with 3 balls, a frisbee and some balloons.  Hope they have fun with these things.

You can be very proud of the effort you have put in for the village there.  I wish you continued success in bringing education to the children in Tiroli.



In December Marleen and Hugo were visiting again . Like all years, they could count on financial support from family, friends, colleagues and certainly of the parish. So 2000 euros were raised through which we could give the children food, medical assistance and education. Also this year there was a suitcase containing 30 kg of clothing .


Hola no good news of Tiroli,

It seems that Haiti all bat lock. No Hurricane Sandy 45 deaths, fortunately no casualties in Tiroli, much material damage. The roof of the school is completely swept away and the rest is damaged by the rain. Also the road to Tiroli is swept away by the rain,so we can not go by car.

Tete managed to come to Restoration en call me to give the report.
So i keep you informed,


So finally after almost 6 months i was back in Tiroli!
been so since there seems nothing has changed, the people survive there with nothing, I always ask myself how they do it!
And yet they remain positive and friendly, I am welcomed as a good friend, they ask you ,you bring something for us,
I say no only for the orphans, there are no tourists still come because off the  cholera, and they remain as friendly, they laugh and still have meaning in life and believe  God gone help them one day.
So again many thanks to all the people who help in the name of the children  Tiroli
See attached the pictures !


Many thanks for the support in these difficult times, God be with you, so you can support us further. In the name of the direction and the children of the orphanage.

Nou min-m ti moun tilory haitii noudi mesi ak tout moun ki ede nou nan progra-m nou ke bondiye ede nou tout e beni nou tout pou nou ka pab kontinyie voye plus ed toujou.

Mesi se directe Responsab la ki ekri nou.


The latest news from Tiroli, Haiti is not good. After the earthquake, there has now been an outbreak of cholera. This has resulted in the borders with Haiti being closed. Thus there will be no more trips to Haiti until further notice.

The good news is that there is a group of bridge players from Canada, spearheaded by Barbara Seagram, who teaches bridge in Canada, that has sponsored 21 children for the School in Haiti. Check out their website at

Many thanks from the children.


Yes, really bad news, the Haiti trip is temporary stopped, people are afraid to go to Haiti, so problems for the orphanage.

We have to survive with the money of t-shirts. I asked what they need to give the children to eat and 300 euros per month is fine.
So, what I’m doing now is all the people who helped Tiroli, I ask for 10 euros a month to give to the orphanage, so I will  get the 300 euros they need for this difficult period untill the trip starts again

If you want to contribute, please contact me, George Cock ( for more information.

So, that’s the latest news from Tilori,

Many greetings and thanks,