There was an American toerist in Tilori.
His name is: Kalisse. 

Thanks for the visit. 

Here can you find the photos.


Tete wants to thanks everybody for the many years of help en hopes that the covid pandemic will go away soon and the school can be open again. 



This month in April, Hugo & Marleen and family went to Tiroli and as always they had suitcases full of things for the children.

You can also view some videos on our YOUTUBE channel

Here the photos:


Hola friends of Tiroli here the last news.

From the annual visit of Hugo and Marleen and the annual Christmas party.

The visit of Hugo and Marleen was again a party in Tiroli with the many suitcases with clothes and shoes they brought with them and of course the money to run the school so there was again much joy and gratitude in the eyes of the children that you can see on the accompanying photos.

Now the Christmas party was a big sucses and how it goes it seemed like a feast for the whole village with music and dance of the children.

The orphans had a nice meal with a soft drink and then music and dance and so there was much joy and gratitude in the children’s eyes.

And all this is possible thanks to the support of all people who sponsor.

Many thanks again in the name of the children and also Happy Christmas and New Year wishes.




Hola to all the people who support the Tiroli project,

Have finally been to Tiroly without tourists to see everything and how much they are with the renovation of the school.

The old classroom was completely broken aff because of the bad condition of the building.

Higher on they started a new classroom, it’s bigger and higher for the warm air and the upper part stays open to the front so the warm air can go away (see photo)

We hope to be ready when the school starts again in September.

These are the costs of the new complaint.

Shelves for side walls: 20 pieces to 800 pesos = 18000 pesos

Zinc for the roof: 15 pcs 3000 pesos

Nails: 2000 pesos

Doors: 2 pieces 6000 pesos

Work: 10000 pesos

Floor: 55 bags of cement 300 peso = 16500 peso

Truck sand: 6000 peso

Gravel: 3000 pesos

Total 65000 pesos = 1300 euros


Monthly cost staff.

Director: 4000 pesos per month

Teacher: 4000 pesos per month

Cook madam: 4000 a month

Food: 10000 per month

Total: 22000 pesos per month = 440 euros


So that’s the cost at the moment.




Hope all is well with you. We found the visit to Haiti very educational, especially for our daughters.


We came back and had Christmas dinner with family. We mentioned the orphanage to our family members and both my mother and aunt chose to donate with us.


To that end you will find a donation for €500 Euros ‎deposited in the Belgian account linked to the Tiroli website. It is under my wife’s name, Patricia Rodberg.


We’ll call the donation “The Rodbergs” as all members donating have the last name Rodberg.


The donations come from:

Victor Rodberg (myself)

Patricia Rodberg (wife)

Danielle Rodberg‎ (daughter)

Cassandra Rodberg‎ (daughter)

Gloria Rodberg (aunt)

Violet Rodberg (mom)


Hopefully this gets the orphanage off to a good start for 2017. Happy New Year and thanks again for taking us into Haiti.


There’s a new promo video made you can view him here:


The new pc room is ready to use only the floor has to be installed. Here you can find some photos.


Like every year in July and August there is very little interest to go to Haiti . With the election problems, there is a warning not to go there.

Despite my health problems I've been there with three people, including a teacher in New Jersey who has many Haitian children in her class .

I have all the equipment ( solar panels , batteries, inverter) and also included the advance pay for building a local to install everything.

All this is possible with the support of VZW Bouwen voor Tiroli, VZW Vrienden van Tiroli, Sint Jan Berghmans College, de Hospitaalridders and many more.
On behalf of the children , many thanks to all the people who help us.

I have meanwhile received two laptops of friends here so it goes well with the computer project .



In December Marleen and Hugo were visiting again . Like all years, they could count on financial support from family, friends, colleagues and certainly of the parish. So 2000 euros were raised through which we could give the children food, medical assistance and education. Also this year there was a suitcase containing 30 kg of clothing .

You can view some photos in the album.


The new shop of Tete where they sell souvenirs made by the children is open.

Visit of Georges to Tiroli with two girls from Norway with 4 suitcases full off clothes and books, games.



So here the pictures of Christmas in Tiroli . All children also received a Christmas gift ,

a car for the boys and the girls a barbie doll. Photos you can find in the album.

Many thanks to everyone for the support and Happy New Year!



So the new school year began in Tiroli, I sent money for books, pens and pennies for the teacher so that they can start properly.

The finish of the stage has been delayed due to illness of the man (chikungunya) and I gave Tete task to find someone else.

The are now on the moment, because of no interest, so they can continue thanks to the support of many people who have a good heart.

I received from Barbara on Canadian lady,thank you Barbara and Husband in the name of the children from Tiroli ,100 us to help



So it was another party in Tiroli , Hugo and Marleen were visiting and have so briefly brought 2400 euros .

Collected from family , friends , colleagues and the Pastor and Parish  .

Marleen had another suit of clothes with it, along with some writing stuff for the school . Wow many thanks to everyone who contributed to this action .

So we have money for a Christmas party for the children and a little for the teacher who teaches the children every day with the knowledge, because it has been a few months received no pennies , first food for the children , because learning on an empty stomach is not good .

Meanwhile , there is 1000 euros from Youri arrived for the construction of a building and a staircase , the work will start in January 2014 .

And then begins in January, an action in Sint Jan Berchmans College in Brussels , so it looks good for Tiroli in 2014 .

Thanks also to the Hospitallers Knights for their annual contribution .

Youri has also given a laptop and I have win 7 set up,  and I had a printer , so now they can print , also have a laptop with win xp Hugo in French and a scanner attached , so now they can scan and printing, and they can earn a little money for the orphanage .

Because the intention is to make them a little independent,because for  the teacher we need 3000 pesos per month which is normal .

Now in the meantime , the Director of the Jan Berghmans College plan on new action of the school children for tiroli

So that was a bit of the latest news from Tiroli .

Many thanks from the children of Tiroli



So some quick news from Tiroli. the will start to build a new stairs more info and pictures wil be online soon.

trap tiroli 001



So after two months again i had four Germans to visit Tiroli , which had been already there last year

Thy bought 50 notebooks  and given money to make two Black boards because now thy write  on a wooden plank , so the children were exuberant , and there were sweets and other delicacies , so party at the orphanage .

But my impression is that the village has become poorer even there you can see the effects of the economic crisis!

I also I have two laptops PCs issued that were donated by friends from Marlene and Hugo , and thy will be used with a special program to teach children to write .

If there are still people with old PC laptops are always welcome , they still need to have  four for the children to operate with that writing program .

Now I have also asked to Youri for money to build a staircase so  as you can see it is very difficult to get up  , I have to go around  with those visitors  .

Now I want to thank everyone for everything you do for the children in the name of Tiroli



It is so far the land is owned by the school, the remaining money is transferred and we have the title deed

The owner tried to keep the rent, the deposit but I veto ,tell him end of the sale if he did not comply with the conditions.

So now we can continue to make everything better for the children in their own school, I’ll keep you informed.

sorry it has taken so long for news but I’m very busy now here.

Many greetings and thanks in the name of Tiroli,





Hola no good news of Tiroli,

It seems that Haiti all bat lock. No Hurricane Sandy 45 deaths, fortunately no casualties in Tiroli, much material damage. The roof of the school is completely swept away and the rest is damaged by the rain. Also the road to Tiroli is swept away by the rain,so we can not go by car. Tete managed to come to Restoration en call me to give the report.

So i keep you informed,